Engine Driven Refrigeration Units for Large Trucks box size 20ft to 32ft

Engine Driven Refrigeration Units for Large Trucks box size 20ft to 32ft

Special for frozen delivery of minisize van.

12V full electric system driven by battery directly.

No need install compressor on engine, so easy installation.

Saving Engine fuel and less operation cost.

smart temperature control

already OEM offer to VW Canddy van.


for the large refrigerated truck, traditionally, companies look at self-powered diesel units. Now this tradition is changing.

the all-new model V850F,  and V1100F units from Corunclima easily replace the self-powered diesel units while delivering the low operation cost, low weight and more compact size.

Fuel consumption, the principal cost of operating a refrigeration unit, is up to 50% less than an equivalent self-powered system. Maintenance costs including both parts and labour are cut by up to 30% thanks to the absence of a diesel engine.

V850F model for 20-24ft box (6.0m to 7.7m length) @-18C degree.

V1100F model for 24-28ft box ( 7.6m to 8.6m length) @-18C degree.


Model No.V850FV1000FV1100F
Temperature– 18℃ ~ +25℃– 18℃ ~ +25℃– 18℃ ~ +25℃
Cooling capacity– 5℃ / 23℉7820W8520W11000W
– 18℃ / -0.4 ℉4800W5400W6080W
DefrostHot GasHot GasHot Gas
CondenserFan QTY234
EvaporatorFan QTY334
Application+ 5℃ / 41℉48~50m³58~60m³68~70m³
– 5℃ / 23℉42~46m³50~52m³60~62m³
– 18℃ / -0.4 ℉36~38m³44~46m³50~52m³
– 25℃ / -13℉28~30m³35m³42m³
OptionalElectric Standby, Heater
IncludedCPR Regulator, Oil Separator, heater in drain hose, suction accumulator, Solenoid valve defrosting, Controller in-cab, Hose, drain hose, wiring cable, installation kits.
Notes: 1. All date are based on ambient temperature 45℃ degree, it will change according different ambient temperature.  2.Standard insulation thickness 120mm. 3. All data will change without priority notice.